Cheese Cake

    • $ 5.00

Served with whipped cream and a cherry

Fried Iced Cream

Fried Ice Cream

    • $ 6.00

Crispy coated vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate syrup and whipped cream.


Churros w/Ice Cream

    • $ 8.00

A cinnamon-covered pastry with warm strawberry filling and vanilla ice cream.

Pepino Loco

    • $ 8.00

Cucumbers, Jicama with Lemon Juice & Tajin (not spicy chili powder)

Fresas con crema

    • $ 10.00

Strawberries and Cream (Sweet)


Mango, Strawberry, Honey Dew, Taro, Chocolate, Cookie or Thai


Shaved Ice Drinks (Mango, Lime, Bubble Gum and Gummy worm)

Duro Loco

    • $ 10.00

A flat, fried wheat tostada-like, shell with Pickled Pork Rinds, cucumber, jicama, and chamoy


    • $ 10.00

  Tostitos corn chips with Pickled Pork rinds, cucumber, jicama, peanuts and chamoy


    • $ 6.00

Corn on Cup


    • $ 6.00

Corn on Stick


    • $ 10.00

Strawberry Ice Cream with sweet fruit and whipped cream on top

Banana Split

    • $ 10.00

Boba Milk Tea

Flavored Red Bull

Mangoneada Sorbet

    • $ 10.00

Fresh Fruit Sorbet with Chamoy and Tajin

Mangoneada Ice

    • $ 10.00

Shaved Ice with sweet Fresh Fruit, Tajin and Chamoy