Kids Menu

Kids Nacho cheese

Kids Cheese Nachos

    • $ 5.00

Tortilla Chips with Melted Cheese on the top

Mini Taco Regular Meat

    • $ 3.50

5" tortilla Taco served with Cilantro and Onion

Regular Meat Available: Asada (steak), Pastor (marinated pork), Chorizo (pork sausage), Cabeza (beef head), Pollo a la Plancha (grilled chicken), Pollo Desebrado (shredded chicken), Carnitas (crispy pork), Carne Desebrada (shredded beef), and Carne Molida (ground beef).

Kids Bean & Cheese Burrito

    • $ 5.00

Kids Quesadilla

Kids Cheese Quesadilla

    • $ 5.00

Chicken Rice Bowl

Kids Chicken Bowl (rice & chicken)

    • $ 5.00

Chicken Nuggets

    • $ 5.00

French Fries

Kids French Fries

    • $ 4.00

Mini Taco Special Meat

    • $ 4.50

5" tortilla Taco served with Cilantro and Onion

Special Meat Available: Camaron (shrimp), Pescado (fish), Chivo (goat), Borrego (lamb), Tripas (beef intestine), Lengua (beef tongue), and Buche (pork stomach)

Kids Combo Mini Taco meal

Kids Special for $8.99

    • $ 8.99

Pick one item and two sides from the kid’s menu plus a small drink or can of soda for $5.99  "Add any regular meat for $1.00. Add special meat for $2.00"